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Recommended Affiliates

From time to time, I find it beneficial to refer and recommend other companies or products to help support your wellness journey. The following affiliates I use myself, and highly recommend. Check them out and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at 

Maple Organics

Joint & Muscle Therapy

I've used Maple Organic Cold and Flu Therapy for years, and recently discovered their amazing Joint Therapy and Muscle Therapy Rubs. Find out more about this amazing Canadian Company and their products.


 - Dr Cindy Le, B.SC, RMT, R.AC., TCMD

You deserve a life with less pain, better sleep, and calmer days. Using acupuncture, massage, and herbs, Dr Le will help you achieve your balanced life. I can't say enough about Dr Le's gentle, intuitive approach to her patients, & can speak first hand to how she helps release areas of tension & trauma. 



These custom footbeds are amazing! I have both the thick and medium with MET support and found a huge difference in the mobility of my ankles and reduction of hip pain.


"Gift of the Earth"

Having seen for myself the incredible benefits that can be had from using tested grade essential oils, I invite you to check out the benefits DoTERRA. Potency and Purity is of the highest standard.

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